Product Code HRXE-HERA-B

All HRXE-HERA models have been designed with 100% automatic bypass, as listed on the SAP Product Characteristics Database (PCDB).

The HRXE-HERA range operate by continuously extracting moisture-laden air from ‘wet’ rooms within the property whilst simultaneously drawing in fresh, filtered supply air from outside.The heat from the extracted stale air is recovered via a heat exchanger inside the heat recovery unit which becomes tempered and filtered, before supplied in to the habitable rooms, creating comfortable and well ventilated homes.

Listed on the SAP PCDB Database HERE

Key Features
  • The heat exchanger block within these units can recover up to 95% of the normally wasted heat. The two independent fans have full-speed control for background and boost ventilation rates
  • All The HRXE-HERA models have a Summer bypass function. In warmer months this function automatically activates to ensure the property is being well-ventilated and comfort levels are maintained in the home by continuously drawing in fresh filtered air into the habitable rooms
  • Owing to its intelligent design, there will be no reduction in airflow when operating in bypass mode, resulting in enhanced performance
  • Designed to provide optimised balanced (supply and extract) mechanical ventilation with heat recovery and both listed on the PCDB
  • Weight: 20kg
HRXE-HERA Performance chart
HRXE-HERA-B Data sheetPDF, 562.52 KB
HRXE-HERA-B User GuidePDF, 149.60 KB
Specification Guide 2024
ApplicationSpecific Fan Power (W/l/s)Heat Exchange EfficiencyEnergy Saving Trust Best Practice Compliant
Kitchen +1 wet room0.5290%Yes
Kitchen +2 wet rooms0.5989%Yes
Kitchen +3 wet rooms0.7787%Yes
Kitchen +4 wet rooms1.0086%Yes
Kitchen +5 wet rooms1.2386%Yes
CurveMax Power Consumption (Watts)Sound Power Level dB re 1pW (Frequency Hz)dBA @3m
17Open Inlet38312723<16<16<16<16
Open Outlet3834313122<16<16<16
219Open Inlet39384840352916<16
Open Outlet4854535549573524
369Open Inlet4447575045413021
Open Outlet5563636560594940
4155Open Inlet4852595550463527
Open Outlet6067696964645446

Key Features of the HRXE-HERA

Five years warranty!

Includes parts and labour for the first year and parts only for the remaining 4 years

CIBSE CPD courses

Focusing on the importance of ventilation in the residential new build industry

Installation & commissioning

Compact size! Ideal for wall-mounted cupboard installation

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